Rushton’s Hope serves the least among us in the community, giving love and grace

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I don’t know what to do!

I don’t know where to go!

I don’t know who to turn to!

I am at the end of my rope!

You’re my last hope!

For the last 10 years, Rushton’s Hope has been responding to statements such as these, and has had the opportunity to offer hope to many at the end of their rope.

Lorenzo had brought his family to the community from California with high homes for their future. His dreams were shattered when he was unable to find work and sufficient housing.

One day he was sitting on his front porch, praying about where his next meal would come from, when a little white car from Rushton’s Hope pulled up with a truck full of donated pizzas for his neighbors. When he saw that he prayed, “Thank you Lord I can take it from here!”

That encounter nine years ago led to him joining Rushton’s Hope as a volunteer and eventually a valued staff member. In addition, he has seen blessing after blessing over these years.

Ken had burned all his bridges. He was an alcoholic, drug addict, panhandler, homeless, in and out of jail and sleeping under the dock at the Rushton’s Hope Warehouse week after week to be fed, clothed and get the essentials.

He would be loved, but confronted about his issues.

He was warned that his lifestyle was going to kill him, and eventually, it did.

He died in the streets and the EMTs brought him back. Not long after that, he surrendered his life to the Lord, and began the process of rebuilding that life.

Today, three years later, he leads Rushton’s Hope Philemon’s Hope Jail ministry and works with homeless and addicts. He has helped more than 20 make the same decision he did, and has then held them accountable.

Like Lorenzo, he has seen blessing after blessing.

What Rushton’s Hope has learned in these last 10 years is that it is not just about better pre-games, buildings, budget, bylaws, etc.

It’s about bodies!

It’s about people, individuals, person to person relationships.

It’s about impacting lives with hope in Christ.

This is done on a regular basis by offering a multitude of opportunities and resources for the community and beyond, meeting physical needs while planting spiritual seeds.

In just the last two weeks they have served hundreds of people with help from volunteers from our area, Locust Grove, Sun City, Oak Hill, Faith Riders, numerous churches and even a group of youth on a mission trip from Mobile, Ala.

They have also picked up multiple donations from the community and even estate sales.

However, this is not about a handout, but a hand up requiring accountability and follow-up.

Rushton’s Hope is not a Lone Ranger in this process.

They work in cooperation with UGA Archways, the Spalding Collaborative and many other community organizations.

They are on Charity Tracker, a website for accountability.

At Rushton’s Hope, sponsorships do not come from the government, but from the Lord by faith through multiple corporations, churches and community members.

You can go to the website to see many of its corporate sponsors as well as much needed information about the organization.

There are three ways to be involved in Rushton’s Hope.

First, keep Rushton’s Hope in your prayers. The website has a list of some of the prayer request.

Secondly, you can participate by volunteering. Again, the website has multiple opportunities for serving. For example, their Hope for Family Life Pregnancy Care ministry – formerly the Caring House – desperately needs volunteers to counsel and mentor young mothers. A volunteer form can be found on the website.

Finally, you can personally give. As a 501-c3, all gifts made to Rushton’s Hope are tax deductible.

There is a Pay Pal button on the website under What Do We Need for online giving, or checks made out to Rushton’s Hope can be mail to P.O. Box 1944, Griffin, GA 30224.

The main ministry is located at the old Flint Center on old Experiment Street. The former West Griffin School houses several ministries.

Also needed are all types of donations from food and clothes to furniture. All the resources are given out free to those in need. There is a list on the website. Wells Fargo has also set up a stock account so you can just donate stock.

For additional information, please contact Pastor Ron Cook at 770.468.6606, email or send a private message to the Rushton’s Hope Facebook page.

Again, the website is


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