Griffin Board of Commissioners approves retirement plans for board members, employees


The Griffin Board of Commissioners has  approved a retirement plan for individuals elected or appointed to serve on that governing body, as well as an increase to the retirement plan of regular full-time employees.

The measure passed narrowly by a vote of 4 to 3, with Commissioners Cynthia Reid-Ward, Rodney McCord and Cora Flowers voting in favor of the plans, and Commissioners David Brock, Ryan McLemore and Doug Hollberg opposing.

Commissioner Dick Morrow, who said he was “split down the middle” abstained.

According to City Staff Attorney Jessica Whatley O’Connor, based on a provision of the city of Griffin charter, Morrow’s abstention was deemed a vote in the affirmative, thus his vote carried the measure.


  1. Betty Bryant says:

    Where is the money supposed to come from to pay the so called retirement ?? How do they qualify for retirement ???

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