GBI: Wendell Beam denied David Gibson used knowledge of infidelities as blackmail leverage


During its 2015 investigation of David Gibson, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, interviewed Wendell Beam, the former Spalding County Sheriff, in part seeking to determine if Gibson was blackmailing Beam using sexual infidelity as leverage.

In records maintained by GBI Special Agent Jared Coleman, he wrote, “Agent Coleman asked Sheriff Beam if Gibson had been blackmailing him and was receiving protection from Sheriff Beam.”

In response, Beam reportedly denied that Gibson was “holding anything over his head.”
According to Coleman’s interview summary, Beam was questioned regarding “information discovered during the course of this investigation.”

The GRIP reported extensively on the David Gibson case as it was unfolding. During that time, numerous confidential sources alleged Beam was protecting Gibson because Gibson was using sensitive and potentially damaging information as leverage against him. This was not reported at the time due to the inability to independently verify those allegations.

In his interview, Beam addressed those allegations in detail.

“Beam denied that Gibson knew about any extramarital affair between Sheriff Beam and his secretary, Ruby King, or an unknown female who had worked at the Spalding County Courthouse.”

Whether Beam was aware of Gibson’s criminal conduct and other alleged offenses is at the heart of a $12 million federal civil rights law suit.

Beam has maintained he had no knowledge of any allegation of sexual impropriety prior to the completion of the 2015 Internal Affairs investigation conducted by Lt. Ronald Brainard, of the Houston County Sheriff’s Office.

Beam admitted having received reports of other allegations against Gibson for which Gibson received no disciplinary action.

During his questioning of Beam, Coleman sought information regarding another former SCSO employee.

“Agent Coleman asked Sheriff Beam about why he had threatened to fire former Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Captain Novin Darsey. Sheriff Beam stated that Darsey was spending a lot of time at the Spalding County Courthouse and that this action was interfering with his duty as a deputy. He noted that Darsey later resigned on his own accord after Sheriff Beam informed that he needed to stop his conduct or that Sheriff Beam would be forced to fire him. He noted that no ultimatum had been given to Gibson.”

The summary of Coleman’s interview with Darsey states in part, “During previous investigative acts, Agent Coleman had learned that Sheriff Beam had received information that then-Captain Darsey was involved in some type of off-duty conduct unrelated to his position as a deputy sheriff. Sheriff Beam informed Darsey that if he did not stop the activity, he would be fired. Darsey later resigned without being asked to by Beam.”

In an email to former Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard, Coleman described Beam’s conduct as potentially criminal – malfeasance in office. Ballard chose not to investigate Beam’s actions.

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