Sheriff: Search warrant nets drugs and gang related information

4.5.18 Kerry Wellmaker


An investigation conducted by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office C.A.G.E. Unit resulted in the execution of a search warrant and the arrest of Kerry Wellmaker.

According to a press release issued by Sheriff Darrell Dix, the investigation and subsequent search warrant conducted on Wellmaker’s residence originated with multiple complaints about alleged drug activity.

Authorities describe Wellmaker as a documented member of the Alley Boys, a founding group of the Alley Mob Bosses, which claims to represent the CRIPS gang.

Dix said Wellmaker was located in his home as was a distribution quantity of marijuana.

Agents also discovered and collected paraphernalia associated with criminal street gang activity, as well as documents related to the rules and laws of the gang organization itself, the release stated, adding that the finding of the documents as invaluable for intelligence purposes to help combat the spread of the gang’s influence.

Kerry Demetrius Wellmaker was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana more than one ounce, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of drug related objects, two counts of violations of the Georgia criminal street gang and terrorism act, violation of parole and tampering with evidence.

“As Agents attempted to enter Mr. Wellmaker’s drug house, he fled to a bathroom, and attempted to flush his marijuana. His efforts to flush his product, which has become commonplace, were unsuccessful because agents were able to bust the toilet out of the floor and recover it. That has become our common response to this means of disposing of evidence and it has proven to be successful,” Dix said. “Mr. Wellmaker has an extensive history of drug distribution and gang affiliation dating back to the 1990’s and he has chosen to make a career out of being a drug dealer and gang member. The C.A.G.E. Unit reminded him today that this was a poor choice. Known gang members and drug dealers need to understand that no matter who you are, where you are from, or who you know, we are coming for you. We will be making your lives miserable every chance we can. Efforts by the SCSO over the past several months have driven those points home as we have been hitting drug dealers and gang members in a diverse variety of neighborhoods across the county. We are continuing the message that we have been sending for months that you can stop, or we will stop you.”

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