Updated information released on mistakenly suspended driver’s licenses

UPDATE – Spalding County State Court Judge Josh Thacker has issued a second press release pertaining to errors involving the resubmission of traffic citation dispositions to the Georgia Department of Driver Services. If you received a traffic citation that was processed through Spalding County State Court in the past few years, you could have been impacted by this error, which resulted in some valid driver’s licenses being reported to the state as suspended.

Earlier this year, the Spalding County State Court began (for the first time ever) electronically submitting traffic citation dispositions to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).

Unfortunately, we experienced a user error regarding our new internal processes and inadvertently resubmitted many citation dispositions to DDS.

As a result of this error, many Georgia driver’s licenses were errantly and negatively impacted. Additionally, some Georgia driver’s licenses were errantly suspended.

Although this matter has not been fully resolved, we have made substantial progress towards correcting this error.

We can now report that a majority of errantly suspended Georgia driver’s licenses have been identified and the suspensions have been removed.

The Spalding County State Court wants to sincerely thank the Georgia Department of Driver Services, who responded quickly and robustly. Specifically, DDS Legal, DDS IT, DDS Customer Service, DDS Public Relations, and many other DDS departments and team members, have all worked tirelessly to identify and correct most of the errantly suspended driver’s licenses.

If you believe this error may affect you, and you plan on operating a motor vehicle, please be certain to call the DDS automated phone line to receive information as to whether your driver’s license has been suspended or is valid. The phone number to DDS is 404.657.9300. When the automated message begins, choose option #1 to check the status of your Georgia driver’s license. You will then use your keypad to enter your nine-digit Georgia driver’s license number, then press the pound sign to hear your license status information.

Again, I deeply regret the inconvenience this error may cause to anyone.

You have my continued promise that we are working diligently to fully resolve this issue and I will provide future updates.


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