BREAKING NEWS: Griffin City Court Judge Bill Johnston found deceased


The GRIP has confirmed that Griffin City Court Judge Bill Johnston has died.
Johnston was found deceased Tuesday afternoon in his vehicle in the vicinity of Jewel Drive and Pearl Circle.
“I can tell you you’re going to have to contact the GBI. I can’t really say anything about a case that’s been turned over to them,” said Capt. Dwayne Jones, of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.
When asked if this is a missing person or death investigation, Jones said, “I can tell you that it’s a death investigation that’s been turned over to the GBI. That’s really all I can say.”
The GRIP will continue to follow this developing story and will report updates as additional information becomes available.


  1. Everett Thrall says:

    As a personal friend of Bill, I am not so much concerned with any shortcomings in the story, I just wish the authorities would just let us know what happened. Another friend of mine who lives nearby Bill says she heard (thru the grapevine) it may have been suicide….I sincerely pray it was not, but I sure do hate that this wonderful man/friend has left us. God Bless the family!

  2. Christy Plott says:

    Ms. Sheila, why would you post this when his family hasn’t even had time to process this? This is not classy. Maybe a proper news story for a well respected member of our community would be something with some dignity. I’m completely disgusted. Give the family a moment. They deserve more. Freedom of speech is important, , but don’t forget our community is reeling and hurting. Have some compassion.

    • It’s all over the Atlanta news stations. Sheila is doing her job and has did nothing wrong.

      • GetALife says:

        Yes, she didn’t even spell his name right and didn’t even have the right story! She is the only one who posted her “news” article on 15 different pages of false information. AJC posted at 9:30pm when the crime scene unit left with the body.

      • Christy Plott says:

        “It is with deep sorrow we report”. “We send our condolences to his family”. I’m not a journalist, however I think those 2 sentences would have added a little bit of class to the article. We all have jobs, sit, but doing a job and doing a job with dignity is the difference.

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