Wreck causes damage, gas pump fire at Ringgold Superette

Ringgold Superette

A single vehicle wreck Sunday evening damaged the awning at Ringgold Superette and caused a fire at the gas pump. Photo courtesy of Amanda Morton


A single vehicle wreck has damaged and caused a fire at Ringgold Superette located on Jackson Road.

According to Capt. Dwayne Jones, of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, preliminary reports indicate the wreck does not appear to have damaged the building.

“It appears a vehicle jumped the curb at Ringgold’s Superette and struck the pumps,” Jones said. “The damage appears to be limited to the pump and the awning. The building doesn’t appear to be damaged.”

The driver of the Mercedes does not appear to have sustained extensive injuries in the collision.

“The driver has a laceration to her arm. I don’t know the severity, but it doesn’t appear to be too severe. She is being medically assessed and treated,” Jones said, adding that a SCSO supervisor is en route to the scene.

Personnel of the Spalding County Fire Department also responded to the incident.

“Any time we have an incident that causes damage to the pumps like this, we’re always very concerned,” he said. “Of course, the Fire Department is equipped to make an assessment and determination of what needs to be done there at the scene.”

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