Griffin Judicial Circuit seeks to add fifth Superior Court judgeship


The Griffin Judicial Circuit may soon be adding a fifth Superior Court judge.

According to a press release issued by Judge Christopher Edwards, the circuit’s senior Superior Court judge, the four current judges have a case load adequate to apply for a fifth judgeship.

“A caseload study conducted by the state shows that the four judges of the circuit are doing the work of 5.6 judges,” the release stated. “The circuit’s legislators are being requested to introduce a bill to add a fifth judgeship.”

In his release, Edwards requested “the public, our legislators and county commissioner support this historic opportunity to keep pace with the caseload.”

The Judicial Council of Georgia will on Aug. 8, consider approving the fifth judgeship.

If approved, local legislators may create the fifth judgeship in its 2019 legislative session, and that judge could begin work Jan. 1, 2020.

The Griffin Judicial Circuit is comprised of Spalding, Pike, Upson and Fayette counties.


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