Matthew Boynton criminal case no billed by grand jury


The criminal case against Matthew Boynton, a former officer of the Griffin Police Department, was on Wednesday no billed by a Spalding County grand jury. Boynton was arrested July 29, 2017, and charged with two felonies – false statements and writings and violating his oath of office.

According to Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Ben Coker, the grand jury presentment was made by assistant district attorneys from the Spalding County DA’s Office.

“Lt. Karen Yancey presented the case on behalf of the Griffin Police Department,” Coker said. “He (Boynton) did have a prepared statement that he made before the grand jury with his attorney present, which he was allowed to do by law.”

Coker said Boynton was permitted to address the grand jury due to his position as a law enforcement officer at the time the crime was alleged to have occurred.

“The grand jury deliberated over the case and delivered a no bill,” Coker said. “As far as the content of their deliberations, I’m not privy to that; their deliberations are sealed.”

Boynton’s arrest resulted from a theft report filed by Dec. 19, 2016, by his ex-wife, Jessica Lester.

At that time, Lt. Karen Yancey determined it to be a civil matter.

Upon request by Yancey, Boynton wrote what was identified as a “civil statement” pertaining to the theft report.

Boynton’s statement, dated Jan. 9, said, “I was advised to complete a statement on a previous date by Lt. Yancey. Jessica Lester-Boynton’s property has already previously been returned to her by my step dad (Charles McDaniel Jr.) shortly after Jessica got out of the hospital. The dining room table along with other items were picked up by Cathy Zellner for Jessica. The remaining items such as a hope chest, clothing and other miscellaneous items were returned to Jessica. I do not have any other items of Jessica’s.”

On May 11, 2017, many articles of women’s clothing and other personal property were turned into the Griffin Police Department.

Will Sanders reportedly obtained those items from a woman he said contacted him and claimed to be Boynton’s girlfriend.

Investigators established at least one piece of that property – an orthodontic retainer – belonged to Lester prior to her marriage to Boynton.

That physical evidence contradicted Boynton’s civil statement in which he denied possessing any of Lester’s property.

GPD Chief Michael Yates later stated that was the subject of the two felony charges brought against Boynton.

“That was the subject of his charges – his statements and writings that we were able to prove were false,” Yates said in July 2017, also confirming that Boynton had subsequently confessed by providing a statement acknowledging the items Sanders turned in were Lester’s.

Asked if Boynton’s “civil statement” and subsequent confession were presented to the Spalding County grand jury, Coker said, “I can’t speak to that. I did not present the case, but typically, when we present a case to the grand jury, we present the entire case – all the evidence.”

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  1. Shannon Grzybowski says:…. Please sign… Justice for Jessica

  2. Vivian says:

    They need to re-open the case, if Jessica wants answers and closure.

  3. chris neumann says:

    Law enforcement in Georgia, this man is guilty and his Grandfather was Sheriff in this community. This was the gift from grandfather to grandson to get away with attempted murder. He has been caught in many lies nobody does anything.

  4. asshole

  5. Tony Petty says:



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