Griffin Christian High student under investigation for alleged violent threats


A Griffin Christian High School student is under investigation for the offense of terroristic threats/intimidation in connection to an alleged threat of violence against certain faculty and staff members.

Trysten Alexander Warr, a 17-year-old Griffin Christian High student who resides in Peachtree City, is alleged to have made the threat against five specific individuals on Snapchat.

Parents of some Griffin Christian students were made aware of the incident through a letter issued days later.

“This letter is to inform you that, on Sunday, July 15, 2018, the school was notified of a threat made during a social media conversations involving several of our students,” stated the letter written July 18. “The threat was made against faculty and staff members.”

According to the letter, the parents of other students involved in the social media conversation were notified, as was the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

“It must be noted, that the student recanted and insisted that the incident was done jokingly. I must reiterate to our students, staff, and parents that joking about any type of harm to anyone affiliated with Griffin Christian High School, while school is in session or not in session, is not a joking matter,” the letter stated. “These type matters will be taken seriously and will be disciplined appropriately.”

An email originally sent to the fathers of some students stated, “Law enforcement is involved and handling all legalities,” and went on to say that Warr is no longer a Griffin Christian High School student and is under court order to remain a certain distance from the campus.

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