GSP trooper arrested on charge of DUI


A trooper assigned to the Georgia State Patrol-Griffin Post was arrested by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Christopher McEntyre, who was at the time of the incident a GSP corporal, was arrested after allegedly causing a disturbance at a Searcy Avenue residence.

According to the SCSO Deputy P. Fuller’s incident report, he was en route to the residence when notified by dispatch that the homeowner had detained the suspect.

“Upon my arrival, I observed the offender in the front yard of the incident location, laying face down in the grass beside a blue vehicle with his hands on his head,” the report stated.

The homeowner said he told McEntyre he had a firearm, but was actually holding an ash tray, Fuller reported.

“I was able to smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the offender,” Fuller reported. “He (McEntyre) advised several times he was sorry he knew he couldn’t drive.”

After McEntyre was placed in handcuffs, Fuller spoke further with the homeowner.

“I spoke to the homeowner who advised he was laying in bed when he heard a noise on his porch. Upon exiting his door he observed the offender standing beside the homeowner’s blue car. He advised he picked up the first thing he saw, an ashtray, and told the offender to get on the ground he had a gun,” Fuller stated. “He advised the offender laid down and began saying he was sorry. He advised he called 911 and the offender did not move.”

The homeowner denied knowing McEntyre, was unsure how he had arrived at his residence. Fuller said the homeowner also did said he did not want McEntyre to get in trouble for the incident.

Fuller did not locate any other vehicles in the immediate area, and McEntyre allegedly denied knowing how he arrived at the Searcy Road location.

“The offender continued to apologize and cry saying he was sorry. I asked him where he came from. He advised he had been at the bar drinking. When I asked him what bar he had been at he was unable to advise. I asked him if he knew where he was and he was able to advise Griffin but not what area of Griffin,” Fuller said. “He seemed confused and was looking around. I asked him multiple times if he drove. He said he shouldn’t drive.”
Fuller said McEntyre stated he did not know where his phone was, but he did have his wallet.

“I retrieved his wallet and upon checking for his identification I observed a Georgia State Patrol badge,” Fuller said.

At that time, Fuller contacted his supervisor, Sgt. Chuck Hutto, who advised he would be en route.

As Fuller was escorting McEntyre to his patrol car, the deputy noticed the suspect was wearing only one shoe, but he could not advise the location of his missing shoe.

As Hutto arrived, his headlights shone on an area on nearby railroad tracks, allowing Fuller to spot a red Toyota pickup truck.

“The vehicle was sitting between the main line and the alternate line. The truck appeared to have been driving on the railroad track and when it attempted to leave the tracks got stuck between the tracks,” Fuller said.

After hearing a request for a K9 officer to respond to this incident, McEntyre reportedly admitted the truck was his and consented to a search.

Meanwhile, Hutto requested the Georgia State Patrol also respond.

The responding trooper worked the wreck but deferred the DUI investigation to the SCSO.

“I checked the vehicle and observed a shoe to be in the driver side floor board. The shoe appeared to match the shoe the offender was wearing. I then asked the offender to step out of my patrol vehicle. I asked him how much he had to drink. The offender advised, ‘A lot,’” Fuller stated.

Fuller said McEntyre experienced difficulty with the field sobriety test – including almost falling down – at which time he said McEntyre said he was unable to do anymore.

Fuller said after McEntyre stopped the last test, he turned around, placed his hands behind his back and said he knew he was under arrest for driving under the influence.

According to Capt. Mark Perry, McEntyre was placed on administrative leave with pay following his arrest.

“He has since resigned his position and is no longer employed,” Perry said.

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