Sheriff: Narcotics operation nets dozens of arrests; delivers “big blow” to local distribution network


A two-month long investigation titled “Operation Say No More”, led by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit and Criminal Apprehension and Gang Enforcement Unit (C.A.G.E.), has resulted in multiple arrests for various felony drug, gang and related charges.

The target of the investigation was the source of deadly narcotics that are believed to have resulted in three Spalding County deaths.

Thursday morning, Spalding County Special Operations, C.A.G.E. Unit, Fugitive Apprehension, SWAT and Uniform Patrol, assisted by the GBI West Metro Narcotics Task Force, DEA HIDTA Groups 2 & 3, Georgia Department of Community Supervision, Tri-County Drug Task Force and the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, began executing arrest warrants and search warrants across Spalding County and spreading into surrounding counties.

“Once started, the investigation quickly spread outside of Spalding County, into the metro Atlanta area, South Carolina, Florida and as far north as West Virginia. Due to the locations that were determined to be the sources of the flow of narcotics into Spalding County we requested the assistance of Spalding County District Attorney Ben Coker’s Office, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s West Metro Narcotics Task Force, and Atlanta DEA HIDTA Group 2&3 to which the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office has Agents detached. To aid us in identifying and track down the sellers and distributors of the narcotics we requested an order to conduct a Title 3 investigation that allowed us to monitor phone calls and messages of those that we determined were the main targets of the operation,” said Sheriff Darrell Dix. “In total we have already obtained more than 100 arrest warrants and are in the process of obtaining additional warrants for a total of approximately 60 offenders who sell narcotics locally, supply narcotics to local dealers, and distribute narcotics in the metro Atlanta area. These offenders are facing charges ranging from unlawful use of telecommunications devices, trafficking and distribution of methamphetamine, distribution of heroin, possession of firearms during the commission of these crimes, violations of the Georgia Criminal Street Gang Act specifically targeting the Ghost Face Gangsters, and other related charges.”

Dix said Operation Say No More is considered a significant blow to the local narcotics distribution network.

“This is a big blow to the Spalding County area’s narcotics distribution network. We have seized trafficking amounts of methamphetamine, quantities of heroin, and firearms, that were all slated for distribution in Spalding County and the surrounding areas. This organization was responsible for the distribution of multiple kilos of methamphetamine and heroin on a weekly basis. The investigation started in Spalding County with our Special Operations Unit and spread. By contacting and teaming with other agencies in other jurisdictions we found out that some of our targets were known to them and the arrests would impact them as well. Through a cooperative effort we brought this multi kilo a week methamphetamine and heroin organization to an end. I also want to add that most of those we arrested today are repeat drug offenders, not just users,” Dix said. “As I have said before, if you sell narcotics, or are a gang member, you are a criminal. You have three choices. You can stop, you can leave Spalding County, or you can begin counting down your days of freedom because we are coming for you. If you don’t want to be harassed or arrested by us, quit being a criminal and you will be left alone. If you choose to be a criminal, thug, or gang member, you’ve made your choice so get used to seeing us on a regular basis. We are not backing down and we will do everything we can to make our county safer.”

A complete list of those arrested is forthcoming.


  1. C MACGREGORY says:

    I am glad to see the SO working so hard to clean up our area. Please keep it up.

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