SHS placed on lockdown following equipment accident


Spalding High School was briefly placed on lockdown Thursday morning as a precautionary measure, but authorities report there was no incident.

According to Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Captain Dwayne Jones, the lockdown was determined to have resulted from an equipment accident.

“The school was on a brief lockdown. All is clear now. No reported incidents, no injuries, nothing like that. One of the teacher’s radios accidentally was keyed – not by a student, but was keyed up – in the ROTC department, and that was broadcast over, and they just wanted to ensure that all was secure, but no reported incidents. It was just an accidental keying of the radio and everything is fine,” Jones said. “They were talking, and in the ROTC department, of course, they discuss military type topics, and there was some concern because they couldn’t determine who had the radio, so from a safety standpoint, they wanted to secure the school until they could determine where it was coming from.”

The lockdown has since been lifted.

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