Pike County S.O.: Stolen vehicle report leads to four arrests


A report of a stolen vehicle has led to four arrests in Pike County.

According to a press release issued by Sheriff Jimmy Thomas, the report of a stolen car on Vaughn Lane in Williamson resulted in the arrest of Austin Brazel, age 20, Rodney Miller, age 19, Tristian Montfort, age 21 and Travis Hoard, age 22.

The alleged victim in this case reported he had been visiting a residence on Vaughn Lane when a suspect took his car keys and was attempted to take his vehicle, during which time the suspects produced a handgun and ordered the victim to move away from his vehicle. Investigators are working to identify the suspect that drove away in the vehicle at this time.

Deputies of the Pike County Sheriff’s Office located Brazel, Montfort and Hoard near the Dollar General in Williamson.

Authorities say a handgun was located concealed in Hoard’s pants, and stated it is consistent with the gun the victim described.

Miller was found hiding in a closet in a Vaughn Lane residence.

Brazel, Miller, Montfort and Hoard are currently being held in the Pike County Jail and are facing charges including armed robbery, theft by taking motor vehicle, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.


  1. Hmmm seems like they got four of those pesky Felon guns again. Boy I hope they arrest all of those pesky guns before they kill someone. I am joking I hope you know. We all know that guns can’t be Felons don’t we? Now I know why those Liberals want more gun rights, so guns can have more rights with a Felon. Hahahahahah I’m joking again hahahahahaha Oh you were ready to run out the door and protest for more gun laws? Don’t waste your time snowflake Felons don’t follow gun laws. And taking the rights of gun owners who do get their gun permits are not who commit crimes or kill people. People kill people, ask and gun, they won’t get mad and shoot you. Unless there is a Felons finger where a legal finger should be.

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