GPD now says adult was not present when seven-year-old boy was shot


The GRIP has confirmed through the Griffin Police Department that no adults were present in the apartment Monday afternoon when a seven-year-old boy sustained a .45 caliber gunshot wound to the abdomen this in the Griffin Crossings apartment complex.

A press release from GPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Chris Wilson, a supervising investigator on the case, initially reported the children were home alone.

“It was discovered that the 7 year old victim and an 8 year old child found a .45 caliber handgun at the residence while home alone (sic all),” the Monday evening press release stated.

On Tuesday, Wilson again emailed media, this time providing a conflicting narrative.
“The children were left in the care of an adult,” Wilson said.

A subsequent social media post by the Griffin Police Department later Tuesday night stated, “It was discovered that the 7 year old (sic) was left in the care of another adult. The investigation determined that the children were not left at the complex alone.”

The GRIP on Wednesday sought to clarify these conflicting statements, to which Wilson responded by email, “For clarification for you, the 7 year old (sic) boy was left in the care of another adult. The adult was not present at the time of the accidental shooting.”

Wilson further stated part of the investigation remains to be completed, and that a release will be issued upon its conclusion.

Wilson on Tuesday further stated, “There is (sic) no charges in relation to the accidental shooting.”

The GRIP has placed multiple phone calls this week in an effort to speak with Wilson or GPD Chief Mike Yates regarding this incident, but no return phone calls have been received. 


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