Baby on life support following “barbaric” abuse

Chadwick Halldeman


A Spalding County man, 40-year-old Chadwick Haldeman, has been arrested in a case of child abuse that left a seven-month-old baby critically injured and on life support.

According to a press release issued by Sheriff Darrell Dix, the arrest followed a report from WellStar Spalding Regional Hospital.

“We received a call from Spalding Regional Hospital about the child and investigators responded to meet with hospital staff. The mother had brought the child to the hospital believing that it was suffering from an infection and pink eye. The child was lethargic and in obvious distress,” Dix said. “Tests on the baby showed that it was suffering from multiple breaks including left arm, left leg, left elbow, right shoulder, spinal fractures, broken ribs, multiple burns that appear to have been caused by a cigarette, and a traumatic brain injury. The child was flown to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for treatment and surgery to relieve brain swelling.”

Dix said the hospital report led to the execution of a search warrant at the residence located at 71 Ramsey Circle and Haldeman’s arrest.

“Based on what happened to the child, a search warrant was executed at a home located at 71 Ramsey Circle, where Chadwick Haldeman was taken into custody,” he said “In an interview conducted with Haldeman by Investigators, he admitted in detail to methodically hurting the child, how and what he did, but stopped short of a motive. The confession was graphic, detailed and my Investigators describe it as sickening. What was done to this 7-month old baby was nothing short of barbaric.”

Dix went on to describe the heinous nature of this crime.

“In 32 years of being in law enforcement I have never encountered anything this evil, nor have any of my Investigators. Haldeman was cold, calculated and intentional in his actions. In his confession he attempted to minimize the injuries to the child but did not minimize his involvement,” he said. “The investigation is ongoing, and we are actively gathering information as to the child’s mother and others and their possible roles, negligence, or culpability in this case. We have questions that still need to be answered, and more criminal charges may be coming based on those answers.”

Haldeman is being held without bond in the Spalding County Jail and is facing two counts of aggravated assault with intent to murder, five counts of first degree cruelty to children, four counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, aggravated battery, 23 counts of possession of THC oil, 23 counts of possession of THC oil with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

The baby remains in critical condition and on life support.


  1. Thank yyou for writing this

  2. Any update on the babies condition?

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