Bomb threat results in school lock down


A bomb threat Friday morning resulted in Rehoboth Road Middle School being placed on a Level 2 lock down.

According to a press release issued by Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix, the Griffin-Spalding County School System reported the incident.

“We want to make you aware of an incident that occurred this morning. Rehoboth Road Middle School received a bomb threat via an electronic device. The school was placed on a level 2 lockdown, meaning all school entry points were secured, and all students and staff remained in their classrooms. A sweep of the school was conducted, and the school was cleared. All students and staff are safe and have resumed normal operations,” the statement read.

Dix said his agency is working jointly with RRMS staff and GSCSS administration to investigate the incident.

“Rehoboth Road Middle School staff, Griffin Spalding County School Administration, and the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office are working jointly in this investigation to determine the source of the threat. These threats are not taken lightly by anyone. The sources of such threats will be prosecuted at the highest level the law allows up to and including Federal prosecution if possible,” Dix said. “We are asking that parents have conversations with their kids that are students in our school system and explain to them that what they may see as a ‘prank’ is a serious violation of the law that creates a panic especially considering recent events that have occurred at schools and elsewhere across the nation. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, and they will be prosecuted.”

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