Child sex predator sentenced to life plus 75 years

Antorio Mortez Parker

Booking photo courtesy of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office


Convicted child sex predator Antorio Parker has been sentenced to serve the rest of his life in prison.

According to the Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office, Parker was on Tuesday sentenced by Senior Superior Court Judge Christopher Edwards to serve life plus 40 years in prison for crimes committed against his step-daughter.

Parker’s trial began Sept. 9, 2019, with Assistant District Attorney Kate Lenhard, Assistant District Attorney Donna GoPaul and Assistant District Attorney Ashton Fallin representing the state.

Parker was tried on numerous charges related to multiple sexual acts he perpetrated against his minor step-daughter.

Authorities say she was victimized over the course of a year.

Parker was on Sept. 16 convicted of four counts of child molestation, one count of aggravated sexual battery, incest and statutory rape.

His victim was 11- to 12-years-old during the course of these violent attacks.

“She said it happened multiple times – so many times she couldn’t give a number,” said Senior Assistant District Attorney Marie Broder. “We also charged him for acts against a younger child, but he was acquitted on those charges.”

Lenhard expressed gratitude for the young victim and jury, saying both played a significant role in ensuring Parker will not be able to harm other children.

“Because of the courage of a young girl, a predator will no longer be able to prey on other children,” Lenhard said. “I am extremely grateful for the service of our Spalding County jurors in this case. Justice was served.”

Broder echoed Lenhard’s sentiments, while also acknowledging how difficult this case was.

“We’re always appreciative to jurors who answer the call to serve. Cases like this are always difficult on jurors and we’re aware of that and sensitive to how traumatic it is to listen to these horrible things that happen to children,” Broder said. “We’re so thankful they serve. It’s a constitutional requirement and part of being an American.”


  1. I don’t know what happened there. Iam just finding out about this and it’s breaks my heart to find this out about you man.i look for you for alone time . I hate this for you know I new your talents. And know you as a child I feel so sad for the victims as well super sad for all who it hurt. But Tory won’t to let you know and the victims that I don’t know. I will be praying for you all.famlys dads and mom’s and all y’all friends that I don’t know. Ps God first love dank!

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