Recount in Griffin mayoral race shows numbers unchanged


The recount conducted today in the city of Griffin mayoral race between Doug Hollberg and Daa’ood Amin concluded with the same vote count originally reported.

The results of the election and recount indicate Hollberg is the victor with 1,374 votes to Amin’s 1,359. There were also five write-in votes.

According to Spalding County Election Supervisor Marcia Ridley, the process, which began at noon, took approximately one half-hour to complete.

“They only counted the city precincts. It was just the mayor’s race,” she said.

The results have not yet been certified, but that process will begin next week.

“The Board of Elections will certify the election on Monday,” Ridley said.

The results will then be forwarded to the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office for final certification.

“I just sent them a copy of this. They want a copy of all the originals,” Ridley explained. “We’ve done due process on this end. Any time anyone wants a recount, if it fits within the law, I’m going to do it. There is a process in the state of Georgia to run a legal election.”

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