Drive by shooting under investigation


The Griffin Police Department is investigating a reported drive by shooting on Tinsley Street.

The incident was reported by James Andrews, who said the incident occurred outside his 729 E. Tinsley St. residence.

“Andrews sister April Andrews was sitting on the couch in the living room when she heard the shots and dropped to the floor out of fear,” reported GPD Officer Scott Sierra. “James was in his bedroom when he heard the gunshots.”

Neither party was injured by the gunfire.

James Andrews reported he suspected the shooter was a man with whom he had argued on Facebook.

He said the argument pertained to $40 the other man allegedly owes James Andrews.

James Andrews showed Sierra Facebook messages where the man told him to “come outside and to call the police.”

“James advised me that he looked out his window and saw a four door blue Honda which he knew ‘Poppa’ drove. James stated he did not go outside but heard the gunshots a few moments later,” Sierra said.

A witness who resides at a nearby residence was outside when Sierra arrived. She spoke to the officer and reported what she witnessed.

According to Sierra, after hearing a car honk twice, the witness looked outside and saw a four-door car sitting across the street from Andrews’ residence. She was unable to further describe the vehicle.

She said a few moments later, she heard four to five shots fired.

After the shooting ended, she looked outside and the vehicle was gone.

“Upon inspecting James’ residence, I observed three bullet holes in the front right side of James’ house. There was also one bullet hole that went through the front window and into the back of James’ Hisense 55-inch TV,” Sierra said. “I also observed four 9mm shell casings in the roadway in front of 729 E. Tinsley St.”

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