Meet up on Instagram and heavy drinking lead to shots fired on Hale Avenue


Personnel of the Griffin Police Department Uniform Patrol Division on Sunday night responded to a call on Hale Avenue reporting a dispute that escalated to gunfire.

According to Sgt. Lee Ward, Brian Harwood reported a verbal dispute involving himself and an acquaintance had become violent.

“Upon my arrival at 820 Hale Ave., I made contact with Brian Harwood who advised that he had a person over who he didn’t know very well and they had been drinking together. Harwood was extremely intoxicated,” Ward stated.

Ward reported that Harwood claimed he did not know the other man well – only by the name John Mark, and that he lived in Rome.

“Harwood stated that he and John had a disagreement about John leaving since he was also extremely intoxicated. Harwood advised that John then pulled a black revolver out and stuck it in his face and then fired it three times into the ground,” Ward stated. “He (Harwood) advised that they were only standing a few feet apart when he fired.”

Ward said he located markings on the ground that he believed were possibly made by bullet imprints.

Harwood’s wife, Tulani Warner, allegedly stated that she had gone to bed and was not present during the argument or when the shots were fired.

Warner allegedly said she had met the man on Instagram and invited him to their home.

“Warner stated that he came over and was drinking with them for about an hour and she became suspicious of John and went to look in his bag. She advised that she found a bunch of pain pills in his bag, so she took a picture,” Ward said, adding that Warner voluntarily showed him the photographs. “In the pictures I could see the name John Harris on the prescription bottles along with his address. In one of the pictures was a black revolver in the background and Warner advised that was in his bag also.”

Harwood allegedly stated he initially did not wish to file charges related to the incident.

“Harwood asked me if he pressed charges could John’s gun rights be taken away because he believed he did not need to own a gun,” Ward said.

The investigation of this incident is ongoing.

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