Six juveniles, 14 to 17, identified as armed robbery suspects


Juveniles ranging in age from 14 to 17 are suspected in the alleged armed robbery of a 47-year-old woman and her 18-year-old boyfriend.

The incident was reported to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Dec. 2, by Julie Marriner and Jeremy Lecompte, who said they were robbed on Patterson Road while walking to the store to buy cigarettes.

“Julie advised that while she was walking in front of 1578 Patterson Road that approximately six subjects robbed her with a gun,” reported Deputy Garrett Deason, who said Marriner described one suspect as a Hispanic male and the others as white males.

“Julie advised that when she tried to walk past them that they hit her hand knocking $60 which was in her hand to the ground…then picked up the money and took off running.”

According to Deason, Marriner said as the juveniles were running away, she noticed one of them was holding a black handgun.

Deason said Marriner reported a taller white male juvenile was the suspect in possession of the firearm.

“Julie also advised that her (sic) and her boyfriend Jeremy were familiar with the subjects and advised that they had issues with them in the past,” Deason said. “Julie advised that all of the subjects involved were approximately between ten and 16 years of age.”

Lecompte reportedly provided Deason with the suspects names, who were subsequently located at different lots in a nearby mobile home park.

The suspects were transported to the Sheriff’s Office for further investigation. They have been identified as two 14-year-old while males, one 15-year-old white male, one 15-year-old black male, one 17-year-old white male and one male of unknown age.

This case remains active.


  1. I’m still stuck on a 47 year old with a 18 year old boyfriend ?!! 😳

  2. Samantha dillard says:

    I think that this may be a sort of setup because it does not make any sense that somebody is walking to the store with money in their hand and then the young boys are going to knock it out of her hand that don’t make no sense to me but what Daryl ditch needs to do is check blood both of the subject they need to check their blood to see if they’re on drugs their self

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