GPD: Crips and Bloods behind multiple shootings over past few days


Griffin Police Department investigators now say several shooting incidents this week are believed to be gang retaliations involving the Crips and Bloods criminal street gangs, with at least one related outside incident involving a murder.

These incidents have resulted in residences being struck by projectiles from various caliber weapons. The shootings have occurred on Morris Street, East Quilly Street and North 5th Street. All these residences were occupied when the shootings took place.

There was also a disturbance involving a large crown reported at the Morris Street location on Dec. 6 that authorities say may be related to this series of incidents.

Investigators believe at least one of the shootings at a home on East Quilly Street involved perpetrators mistakenly targeting an incorrect location.

According to a press release issued by the GPD, some of the suspects live or frequent Griffin.

Officials say it “appears obvious” that these incidents are linked to gang behavior and ongoing criminal activity associated with incidents that have occurred in unincorporated Spalding, Clayton and Henry counties.

Authorities say the Griffin Police Department is devoting all available assets to resolve and prevent these types of crimes.

The two Uniform Patrol Division night shift patrol squads have been responding to these calls in addition to their other duties. Additional manpower and resources have been assigned to help those shifts deal with these issues and will be specifically tasked with halting this criminal activity.

A criminal street gang investigation is being conducted and Gang Act charges will be brought against all involved parties, officials said, adding that some participants have been identified.

“We will use every tool at our disposal, every officer we have and every resource we can acquire to crush this gang presence and we will be engaging it immediately while making every effort to prosecute the participants to the fullest extent of what the law allows. If you choose to live this lifestyle (Criminal Gangs) stop, leave Griffin or suffer the consequences,” said Chief Mike Yates.

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