Chick-fil-A cashier victim of short-change scam


The Griffin Police Department is investigating a theft at the Taylor Street Chick-fil-A after an employee was the alleged victim of a short-change scam.

According to Officer Ahlesltia Smith, of the GPD Uniform Patrol Division, Chick-fil-A Manager Sean Ivey reported an employee was fraudulently manipulated out of cash.

The cashier, who is not being identified because she is a juvenile, reported an unknown male customer ordered from the menu and gave her a $100 bill for payment, which she placed in the cash register.

The customer then allegedly requested she return the $100 bill in exchange for a smaller denomination of currency.

“(The cashier) further stated that the customer kept talking to (her) as if he was trying to distract her and he gave her some loose change as if he gave her a smaller bill for the food,” Smith reported. “(The cashier) stated that the customer told her that she didn’t give him any cash back, at which time she gave him $95 back and a receipt.”

The cashier said she checked her cash register, but did not find the original $100 bill. She said she then looked up to approach the customer about the mistake, but he had quickly left the business.

Officers searched the area for the suspect, who was identified as a black male wearing all black clothing, including a t-shirt with a colorful picture of Nipsey Hussle, but he was not located.

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