“Chest bump” results in simple battery arrest under Family Violence Act


A report filed with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office by a man alleging he was frightened of his son has resulted in an arrest under the Georgia Family Violence Act.

According to the incident report filed by Deputy Colt Taylor, the dispute involved a demand for assistance paying a bill.

“Upon my arrival I made contact with the complainant (59-year-old Steven Hill) who stated his son (Nolan Hill) was scaring him. I asked Steven how Nolan was doing that. Steven stated that Nolan demanded that he help him with the internet bill,” Taylor said.

Steven Hill alleged that escalated to threats and a physical assault.

“Steven then stated that Nolan then started to threaten him. I asked Steven to explain how Nolan threatened him, he stated he was insulting him by calling him names like ‘pu**y.’ Steven stated that Nolan was saying the insults trying to provoke him into a fight,” Taylor said.

Steven Hill initially denied the incident had escalated to a physical confrontation, but then said his son had “chest bumped” him, Taylor said.

“Steven stated that when Nolan pushed him he lost his balance. Steven stated that Nolan pushed his chest two or three times. Steven then stated to me that while he was in his room Nolan was blocking the door way not allowing him to leave,” Taylor said. “Steven stated when he asked Nolan to move so he can exit the room Nolan stated to him to make me (sic all).”

Steven Hill’s wife, Renee, confirmed he heard the two arguing, but said she could not make out what the argument was about. She said she did see Steven and Nolan “chest pushing,” but denied seeing anything else.

Nolan Hill had reportedly left the residence prior to Taylor’s arrival.

Taylor reported he would be seeking arrest warrants against Nolan Hill for simple battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act and false imprisonment.

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