Former jailer who survived shooting again arrested for domestic violence

Amanda Lynn Moore

Feb. 21, 2020 booking photo courtesy of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office


Amanda Moore, the 34-year-old Spalding County woman and former deputy of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office who survived being shot in the head by her then 16-year-old daughter, has been arrested for domestic violence for the second time since that shooting.
You can read about the domestic violence shooting incident here:
This latest incident was reported to the SCSO Feb. 21, by Moore’s boyfriend, 39-year-old Matt Napper.

According to Deputy M.D. Storey, Napper said Moore attacked him following a verbal dispute over a utility bill.

“He (Napper) stated he was in Amanda Moore’s bedroom, and they were arguing over the power bill. He stated, during the argument, he picked up two cigarette butts out of the ash tray, and Amanda Moore started hitting him,” Storey said. “He stated she hit him under his right eye. He stated after she hit him, she threw a pair of scissors at him.”

Storey reported that Napper had visible injuries including a “golf ball-sized lump” underneath his right eye and a line of swelling in the middle of the lump that appeared to be consistent with the handle of a pair of scissors.

“He also had a scratch that was bleeding on the right side of his neck, toward the back. He also had red marks on both sides of his neck,” said Storey. “He (Napper) state he wasn’t aware of the scratch to his neck or the red marks.”

Moore denied any knowledge of the incident.

“I made contact with Amanda Moore in her bedroom. She stated she wasn’t sure what Mathew Napper was talking about and denied the entire altercation,” Storey said.

Moore was arrested and transported to the Spalding County Jail where she remains in custody on a charge of battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act.

Moore was in October 2019 arrested on an that same charge related to an incident in which she was accused of attacking Charlotte Daniel, her elderly grandmother, by repeatedly striking her in the face.
You can read about Moore’s initial domestic violence arrest here:
Storey, who also responded to the October incident, said Moore made a video recording of herself striking Daniel.

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