Spalding County resident hospitalized, awaiting COVID-19 test results


Reports circulating that a Sun City Peachtree (SCP) resident has tested positive for COVID-19 are currently unconfirmed.

According to Spalding County Board of Health Chairman Johnie McDaniel, a patient from SCP has been tested, but those results are pending.

“What I found out is that someone at Sun City was tested Tuesday night. The results are not back yet. They did hospitalize this person on a presumptive basis, but as of now, the results are not back in,” McDaniel said. “It takes up to 48 hours for the results. Tonight, when the 48 hours has passed, it may be positive, but as of now, it’s neither positive nor negative. It’s in process.”

Statistics maintained by the Georgia Department of Public Health indicate there are now zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Spalding County.


  1. SCP dies have a case. Person in hospital and on respirator and in ICU!!! Why does this city want to hide everything?? I’m getting to the point I don’t trust anyone!! Get a nees station out here and get the word out!

  2. Dave Beach says:

    The wife said they called her last night and confirmed a positive.

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