Department of Public Health issues retraction of incorrect COVID-19 data


The Georgia Department of Public Health District 4 Office has issued a retraction of statistical data released Tuesday.

It was reported by District 4 Accreditation and Marketing Coordinator Susie Hammock that Spalding County’s confirmed case count had increased from five to nine, Pike County had its first three confirmed cases and that the overall District 4 confirmed case count had reached 184.

New numbers released Wednesday morning by District 4 Public Information Officer Hayla Folden indicate Pike County has ZERO confirmed cases, Spalding County’s count remains at the level previously reported – five – and the District 4 overall count is 76.

“It was human error. There’s an electronic system. It’s a filtering issue,” Folden said. “It was human error with the filtering of the cases.”

When asked if additional training has been given or other necessary steps taken to prevent any future releases of inaccurate information, Folden said, “Yes, it’s been addressed.”

The 76 confirmed cases in District 4 includes:

Butts – 2
Carroll – 26
Coweta – 10
Fayette – 12
Heard – 1
Henry – 13
Lamar – 3
Meriwether – 1
Pike – 0
Spalding – 5
Troup – 6
Upson – 0

Health officials say there will continue to be more positive cases with additional testing taking place. They say confirmation of cases does not change public health recommendations, and Georgians are encouraged to adhere to local shelter in place ordinances to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Health officials are taking measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect the general public by identifying and contacting the individuals who may have had contact with the individuals who test positive. The household members of the positive cases are self-quarantined and in contact with health officials for further instructions.
For additional information about COVID-19, please visit or

A daily status report page for confirmed COVID-19 cases in Georgia is available online. The report updates each day at noon and 7 p.m. The new tool can be found on the Georgia Department of Public Health website.

Publisher’s note: All COVID-19 information published by The GRIP is obtained from official, on-the-record sources. It is regrettable, but incorrect information is sometimes provided. It is The GRIP’s policy to issue corrections as soon as possible.

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