Inconsistent DPH COVID-19 data raises questions


The GRIP has reached out to the Georgia Department of Public Health seeking clarification regarding significant inconsistencies in its COVID-19 data.

The state DPH website has for weeks been updating data at least twice daily – at noon and 7 p.m.

At noon Sunday, April 19, the DPH reported there were 18,301 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Georgia.

At 7 p.m., that number had decreased to 18,157.

The data regarding hospitalized patients also decreased by 38 patients from 3,464 to 3,426.

Furthermore, six fewer deaths were recorded at 7 p.m., with that data having decreased from 687 to 681.

The GRIP initially emailed Department of Public Health District 4 Public Information Officer Hayla Folden, asking how such disparate data is possible.

Folden responded, but could not explain the inconsistencies.

These questions were then presented to state Department of Public Health Communications Director Nancy Nydam, who as of publication, had not responded to the inquiry.

The GRIP will report additional information on this matter as it becomes available.

Publisher’s note: Late Sunday night, Georgia Department of Public Health Communications Director Nancy Nydam responded to The GRIP’s inquiry regarding the agency’s inconsistent data. Rather than explaining the significantly incorrect data as was requested, Nydam said only, “The issue has been fixed.”
A second request for an explanation for the inconsistencies went unanswered.
While the DPH website data was changed following The GRIP’s inquiry, that data will not be reported until public health officials verify their processes and clarify the basis of Sunday’s misinformation.


  1. Stacey Boyack says:

    I would also like to know why the DPH does nothing when you report to them that a company is operating with at minimum 7 confirmed covid-19 cases. The state troopers have been to the establishment twice to speak with management. Management has fired 2 employees for warning people of the amount of confirmed cases. Management hired Healthcare professionals to read temperatures on employees as they enter the building. However those Healthcare providers have advised that the thermometers are not reading accurat, they aren’t being given proper ppe or even in a timely manner.

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