GPD: Man beaten in head with hammer; brother arrested for aggravated assault


A Griffin man has been charged with aggravated assault after allegedly attacking his brother with a hammer at their 804 N.8th St. residence.

According to the Griffin Police Department, Shquillee Gould sustained critical injuries – numerous deep lacerations to the head – in the attack.

Upon the arrival of GPD Officer Chris Conaway, the suspect was reportedly identified by a witness, Lisa Sanders.

“The suspect Mr. Shaun Gould saw Ofc. Conaway and took off running on foot,” reported Officer John Kelton, who stated a third GPD officer located Gould running on Lexington Avenue, where he was taken into custody.

Kelton reported that when he arrived at the residence, Shquillee Gould stated his brother, Shaun, had struck him several times in the head, but he was unable to identify the object used.

“Mr. Shquillee had several deep lacerations in his head and was not able to effectively communicate to me as to what happened,” Kelton said.

Sanders’ said the assault followed a dispute over use of the bathroom.

“I then spoke to the witness Ms. Lisa Sanders who stated that Mr. Shaun was in the restroom inside the house and she needed to use it. Mr. Shaun would not come out so her boyfriend Mr. Shquillee stepped in and tried to get Mr. Shaun out of the restroom,” Kelton said. “He still would not come out so Mr. Shquillee tried to open the door to get inside. Mr. Shaun and Mr. Shquillee then began to tussle over the door pushing it back and forth. Mr. Shaun then came out of the bathroom with a hammer in his hand and started hitting Mr. Shquillee in the head several times (sic all).”

Officials say the attack occurred in the presence of two young children – a ten-year-old little boy and a toddler.

The ten-year-old child was so near the attack that he had blood spatter on his face.
The presence of the children resulted in Shuan Gould also being charged with cruelty to children.

Shquillee Gould was treated at the scene by WellStar Spalding Regional Hospital Emergency Medical Services. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was subsequently transported by air ambulance to the trauma unit of Atlanta Medical Center.

Shaun Gould remains in the Spalding County Jail.

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