GPD: 12-year-old accidentally shot and killed by five-year-old brother


The Griffin Police Department has determined the 12-year-old boy who was killed by gunfire Saturday night was shot by his five-year-old brother.

The young boy, who sustained a gunshot wound to the chest, received CPR from the first GPD officers at the scene before the arrival of emergency medical services personnel.
The victim was transported to WellStar Spalding Regional Hospital where he died.

Officers of the GPD Criminal Investigation Division immediately responded and began to piece together several rumors and witness’ accounts.

According to a press release issued Sunday evening, it was soon learned the shooting may have been related to a previous GPD investigation.

“Early in the investigation it was discovered that previously that day, Uniformed Patrol Officers had attempted to effect a traffic stop in the area but the individuals fled behind houses in close proximity to where this shooting occurred some two or more hours later. As UPD officers searched the area they found a bag of suspected MDMA and recovered it where it was turned in for examination. A weapon was not found at that time (sic all),” the release stated. “UPD Officers later made contact with the suspected driver of the fleeing vehicle who provided them with information relative to the investigation.”

Sunday afternoon, two siblings of the shooting victim – one five-years-old and the other seven-years-old – both of whom were present at the time of the shooting, were forensically interviewed at the Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center, which specializes in interviewing children.

Authorities say that interview produced an “extensive corroborative statement” by the five-year-old indicating he had found the firearm used in the shooting in a wooded area near the location of the shooting, which was in proximity to where GPD officers had located the suspected bag of MDMA one day prior.

Thinking the firearm was a toy, the five-year-old discharged the weapon, striking his brother in the chest.

Evidence and witness accounts are consistent with the five-year-old’s account.

Officials say GPD investigators have now shifted the focus of the investigation to locating those suspected of abandoning the firearm.

The weapon will be sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab for touch DNA analysis in an effort to identify who previously possessed and touched the weapon. The child’s clothing will also be submitted to the GBI Crime Lab for potential gunshot residue analysis, at the GBI’s discretion.

“The Griffin Police Department continues to investigate this case and all information has not been obtained but the facts and circumstances discovered lead to a strong hypothesis, substantiated by evidence that this incident is a tragic accident,” the press release stated. “We will diligently pursue and charge any other parties responsible for the actions leading up to the apparent abandonment of this weapon allowing for access by these innocent children. Our hearts cry out for this family during this time of tragic loss.”

“We will leave no stone unturned as we search for the individuals responsible for the abandonment of this weapon,” said GPD Chief Mike Yates.


  1. I want to take God’s name in Vain every time I see a story like this.

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