Spalding man accused of felony cruelty to animals in shooting of neighbor’s dog


Allen Glover booking photo courtesy of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office


A Spalding County man is in jail facing felony charges for allegedly shooting a neighbor’s dog.

Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Phillip Ramsammy on May 9 responded to the home of 73-year-old Don Shepard, who reported his dog had been shot.

According to Shepard, an unknown man driving a white GMC pickup truck pulled up, exited his vehicle and shot Laser, the family’s German shepherd, three times, while shouting, “Maybe that will shut him up now.

Ramsammy reported recovering two spent 9mm shell casings outside a fenced area and a third along with bullet fragments inside the backyard fence.

“I was able to look at the dog and from my observation, the dog had been shot one time in the right side of the mouth and shot one time in the right side of the rib cage area,” Ramsammy said.

Laser survived the attack is recovering with his family.

Later that same night, Ramsammy received information leading him to 942 Fairview Road, Brooks, where he located a vehicle that matched the description Shepard provided.

“As I walked to the door to attempt to make contact with the home owner he opened the door and came outside on his own will. I asked him who he was and he stated his name was Allen Glover. I told him that we had come to see if he knew anything about the dog that was shot not too far from him house,” Ramsammy reported. “Allen stated that yes he was the one who shot that dog. I asked Allen why did he shoot the dog and he stated that he had complained numerous times to Mr. Shepard and that nothing was done about the situation and that the dogs barking was starting to mess with his head (sic all).”

Allen was immediately taken into custody and faces charges of felony cruelty to animals and misdemeanor charges of reckless conduct and criminal trespass.

SCSO Maj. Dwayne Jones said that while Laser’s injuries are regrettable, it is fortunate no one else was injured in the shooting incident.

“His conduct was reckless; he was shooting a firearm through a fence,” said SCSO Major Dwayne Jones. “I would think that due to the fact that he was shooting a firearm into a fenced in yard without practicing any safety measures and concerns at all, without any due regard. There could have been someone in the back – there could have been someone in the yard, a child could have been playing or an adult could have been walking around. We’re very sad, of course, that the dog was injured, but we’re very fortunate that no one else was injured beyond the dog.”

Glover has been released on bond from the Spalding County Jail but may soon find himself back behind bars in a separate case.

“He’s got pending charges in Fayette for terroristic threats and harassing phone calls. He was on bond for that when this happened, so we’ve applied to have his bond revoked on the previous Fayette County charges. That hearing is scheduled for May 26 before Judge Chris Edwards in Fayette,” said Griffin Judicial Circuit Senior Assistant District Attorney David Studdard, who said the Fayette County case involved “completely different folks with no connection whatsoever.”

The two criminal cases against Glover are unrelated, but both involve allegations of violence or threats of violence, Studdard said.

“I know that the threats that he was making in Fayette were not at all what he actually did in Spalding,” he said. “It’s not like he was threatening in Fayette to shoot someone or someone’s dog. He threatened an act of violence against someone he knew. It wasn’t a stranger-on-stranger thing.”

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