Spalding County announces selection of citizen engagement specialist

Rachel Conort

Photo courtesy of Spalding County


Spalding County officials on Friday announced the selection of Rachel Conort as citizen engagement specialist.

A Spalding County native, Conort has for the past four years worked in Seattle, Wash., as a uniform marketing and logistics specialist for Alaska Airlines. In that role, she has served as a cross-functional marketing and logistics subject matter expert supporting best practices, client processes and team workflows by leveraging multitasking, time management and interpersonal communication.

While employed by Alaska Airlines, Conort has also worked as a guest experience and design program specialist, leading projects aimed at mitigating or resolving customer and employee experience issues.

Prior to Alaska Airlines, she was a freelance marketing and communications manager with a diverse portfolio of clients. Many of her projects included social media and campaign strategies, marketing communications and targeted advertising.

Spalding County Manager William Wilson said she will utilize those skill sets in her work as citizen engagement specialist.

“As citizen engagement specialist, she’s going to help us get the message out to our citizens of the services we provide and work with citizens on concerns or complaints they may have,” Wilson said. “She’s going to work with us on developing a customer service program and in that program, we’re going to see if we can’t get input back from when people call in work orders or things like that…Hopefully we’ll be able to get information from everyone who calls in or emails to get customer feedback on their satisfaction.”

Asked what made Conort the ideal candidate for this position, Wilson said. “We assigned a task to each of our applicants to complete and present during their interview process and her presentation was outstanding.”
He then elaborated, explaining that the hiring process specifically evaluated applicants’ abilities to successfully enhance the county’s customer service operations.

“The project was how to set up a customer service program for the county because that’s a big goal of the commission, especially Chairman (Gwen) Flowers-Taylor,” Wilson said, adding that other responsibilities will include the managing the county’s website and social media presence. “She will be handling our Facebook, our website and our Twitter, and we’ll probably set up some additional social media accounts. She will be working out of our administrative office and she’ll be like my shadow for probably the first six to 12 months, getting to know everyone and all the meetings I attend – Archway, Chamber of Commerce, Development Authority and Land Bank just to name a few.”

Conort is a graduate of Spalding High School and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing degree from Columbus State University. She will be relocating to her hometown of Spalding County and will begin her career as citizen engagement specialist on May 26.

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