Spalding County Sheriff’s Office on hand to assist if needed during Fayette protest


Personnel of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office is on hand in Fayette County should assistance be needed during today’s planned protest.

Sheriff Darrell Dix said he received the request from Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb.

“I don’t think I would call it a mutual aid response because that kind of gives you the idea something bad has happened. What has happened is that Sheriff Babb has asked us to come over. They have a protest going on with over 2,000 people. There has been no violence. There have been no incidents or anything like that. It’s just a large crowd and we’re going to be in the area if needed, but we don’t anticipate anything going wrong,” Dix said. “We will be in the area standing by if needed.”

The GRIP reached out to Dix Saturday afternoon after receiving a report of possible skirmishes in Fayette County, but he denied that account.

He said he has communicated today with Babb during the protests, and he reported all was well.

“I have been in contact with Sheriff Babb and he has not said anything of any incidents over there. He has not said anything. We are not running lights and sirens over there. We are just going over there to be of assistance if needed,” Dix explained.

Dix said Babb’s request was extended to agencies in addition to Spalding County.

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