Sheriff: Man arrested after firing upon two Spalding deputies responding to domestic call

James Michael Hobbs

A Griffin man has been arrested and is facing charges related to firing shots at Spalding County deputies.

According to a press release issued by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred at approximately 11:43 p.m. Tuesday when deputies responded to a domestic call at 116 King Richard Drive.

Authorities say that as Deputy James Prue and Deputies James Dildy approached that address, they located the suspect, later identified as James Hobbs, standing in a nearby yard.

“The Deputies were riding together and when they saw Hobbs they stopped their vehicle to make contact with him. As they exited, and before they could even speak to him, Hobbs produced a handgun and fired a shot striking their patrol car. Both Deputies took positions of cover outside of the patrol car as Hobbs fired a second round at them, again striking their car. Both Prue and Dildy immediately returned fire at Hobbs. He then ran into the woods and disappeared from sight,” said Sheriff Darrell Dix. “The Deputies called for help and a perimeter was set up around the incident scene and wooded area where Hobbs had fled, and at this point we did not know if Hobbs had been struck by the rounds fired at him. Deputies were standing by at their perimeter posts and others were gearing up for a search when Hobbs appeared and exited the wood line on Westmoreland Road. He immediately laid down on the ground and surrendered.”

The weapon Hobbs allegedly used to fire upon the deputies was recovered near the original scene where the shots were fired, officials say.

“At the time of this incident Hobbs was out on a conditional bond for a Family Violence offense, and the residence we were responding to was the location he was restricted from being at by the bond,” Dix said. “We are in the process of obtaining warrants now, and a list of Hobbs’s charges will be made available as soon as they are known.”

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  1. Parent of 4 daughters of color says:

    SMFH…..if he was a POC then he be dead. The trauma that POC go thru is really real and felt, we are all people.

  2. concerned bad laws says:

    looks like a pattern of bond restrictions causing great stress on the police, commissioner knew bond conditions were a part of his charges, now this,

  3. Howard Crowder says:

    Thanks to the Grip and Sheila !!

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