Sheriff: Violent home invasion suspect arrested after brief standoff


A man being sought in connection to a violent home invasion has been apprehended by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Sheriff Darrell Dix, 27-year-old Taveyez Brown was taken into custody after his office received a lookout on him from the Griffin Police Department.

Brown, who had several outstanding warrants for his arrest, was arrested June 18 after a brief standoff.

Dix said deputies from the SCSO Uniform Patrol Division and Criminal Apprehension and Gang Enforcement (CAGE) Unit worked together and developed leads that led them to 1714 Summerwoods Lane.

“Before attempting to contact Brown we set up a perimeter around the residence to contain him if tried to flee and due to the severity of his charges. Once the perimeter was in place, deputies approached the residence and attempted to make contact. Other Deputies on the perimeter team saw two occupants, one of which was positively identified as Taveyez Brown, run to the back door and try to exit,” Dix said. “When they saw the deputies waiting on them outside, they stopped, began closing window blinds, and refused to exit the house. Now knowing that Brown and others were inside the house, deputies continued their attempts to communicate with the occupants and get them to come out. There was still no response from inside. The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team was called to respond to the scene as a search warrant for the residence was being obtained.”

While awaiting the SWAT Team’s arrival, personnel on scene continued trying to communicate with Brown and the others inside the residence. They were ultimately successful in deescalating the situation.

“For more than 30 minutes we continued making attempts to communicate with the Brown and the other occupants and continued to ask them to come out and surrender. Just as our SWAT team officers began arriving on scene, Brown and 5 other occupants exited the house and surrendered to deputies,” Dix said. “Brown was taken into custody without further incident. The other five occupants were temporarily detained until they were identified and checked for warrants. One of them, identified as Kytavious Price, 18 years of age, was arrested for an outstanding family violence warrant, the others were released after being questioned.”

Brown was arrested on charges of home invasion, aggravated battery, two counts of battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act, simple battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act, cruelty to children, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, two counts of criminal trespass, criminal damage to property, fleeing and attempting to elude, seatbelt violation and unlawful use of a telecommunications device during the commission of a crime.

He is being held in the Spalding County Jail.

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  1. How can someone Get a home invasion charge at a house they live at?? What kind of investigating was done that lead to him being charged with all this??? Basically y’all are saying i can call the police and say such and such did this or that and y’all Going to issue a warrant. I think this was a little bit more personal because y’all Got that man sitting out there in the county without a bond because his Gf at the time was mad and said a whole bunch of bull crap out of anger. Only in Spalding County smh.

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