SCSO: Large fight at Griffin Skate Inn draws law enforcement response


Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix has responded to community concerns following a Friday night incident at Griffin Skate Inn.

Dix said he can confirm a fight occurred, but stated he is unaware of the involvement of any weapons.

“As far as I know – this is what was reported to us – there was a large fight involving multiple people. I have not seen any report or heard anything from my deputies that a shot was fired,” Dix said. “The call came out to the 911 center as a large fight with no weapons involved. I do know that for a fact.”

The fight was reported to authorities just before 11 p.m.

Dix referenced and forwarded to The GRIP a social media post attributed to Griffin Skate Inn that also denied gunshots were fired during the incident.

“We would like to address what happened last night at the rink. 10 minutes before closing we had a fight start and law enforcement was called. At no point was a gun pulled out or anyone shot. We take the safety of our customers very serious. We have put a new system in place for drop offs to be signed however we encourage parents to come out and stay with their children. We have security and cameras that record everything but at the end of the day the kids need to know not to fight. Again NO SHOOTING, NO GUN (sic all) (emphasis theirs),” the statement read.

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