SCSO deputy seriously injured in wreck


Spalding County K9 Deputy Sheriff Matthew Everett was seriously injured in a wreck Tuesday afternoon while driving home from work.

Sheriff Darrell Dix says Everett’s in-car camera recorded the incident and indicates the deputy was not at fault in the collision.

According to Dix, the video showed a pickup truck hydroplaning on the wet roadway, spinning out of control and crossing into Everett’s lane of travel. Authorities say Everett did everything he could to avoid the crash and describe his actions as potentially life-saving – both his own and that of the other driver.

Everett was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where he is receiving treatment for injuries sustained in the wreck.

“What we know as of now is that he has suffered a break in his C-2 vertebrae, has a broken leg, and a gash on his head that required more than 30 stitches to close. There is no paralysis and surgeons are weighing options for treatment of the spinal break,” Dix said, adding that due to COVID-19, visitors are not permitted, including Everett’s wife. “She was transported to Grady by SCSO Lt. Michael Storey yesterday morning and when they arrived to see Deputy Everett they were informed that they would have to leave. His wife cannot even wait in a waiting room.”

The driver of the pickup, John Desnoyer, of Thomaston, received treatment for minor injuries.

Desnoyer was cited for driving too fast for conditions and failure to maintain lane.

Everett’s K9, Gracie, who was in the patrol vehicle, was not injured.

Everett’s injuries, although severe, were lessened by the attention and help he received from the citizens who saw the crash, stopped, and began rendering aid to him, Dix said.

“On the video you cannot see their faces, but you can hear their voices. We as an agency, and his family, owe a debt of gratitude to them, Pike County Sheriff Jimmy Thomas and the first responders of the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, Pike County Fire, Georgia State Patrol, and Grady EMS who responded, treated, and secured Deputy Everett for transport,” he said. “We are asking the community to please keep Matthew, his wife Kristy, and their family in your prayers as he recovers, and they work through the healing process.”

Everett’s family on Wednesday expressed appreciation for the community’s support and gave Dix an update on his condition.

“I spoke to Mathew’s wife Kristy this morning and she said that he is in a lot of pain and doctors are having a difficult time getting it under control. She wanted me to pass on to everyone that they are thankful for the prayers and support from our community. She said that she did not know they had so many friends and people who cared and supported them. She asked for continued prayers for Matthew and their family,” Dix said. “Matthew is a strong guy and he has a strong family, agency, and community supporting him. We know it’s going to take time, but we all look forward to his full recovery and return to work.”

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