Six men arrested after fight on downtown Griffin sidewalk


Six men were arrested after a fight broke out on a sidewalk in downtown Griffin.

The incident occurred just before 2 a.m. Friday on the sidewalk near Slices Pizzeria, reported Griffin Police Department Officer Scott Collum, who was patrolling the area searching for a suspect vehicle that may have been involved in a previous shooting.

“As I approached Slices Pizzeria I observed six males begin to fight on the sidewalk,” Collum said.

He activated his patrol car’s lights and siren, exited the vehicle and gave a verbal command to stop.

“They separated and four of them fled east on Solomon Street. I pursued the suspects on foot and managed to catch one of the suspects,” Collum said, adding that the remaining three fleeing suspects were taken into custody by other officers. Two other suspects remained at the scene.

The GPD identified the four men who allegedly ran as Austin Hurt, age 27, Dylan O’Kelly, age 21, Krischon Arnold, age 21, and Nickalaus Padlo, age 28. The two who remained were Nathan Skinner, age 27, and Jacob Gatlin, age 27.

According to Collum, Skinner and Gatlin alleged that Hurt and O’Kelly “were being verbally abusive towards them and being aggressive,” and that Hurt and Arnold threw the first punches.

Skinner and Gatlin also claimed the dispute was based on Gatlin’s ex-girlfriend “having social interaction with Krischon.”

Collum said O’Kelly and Arnold alleged the other four men “did not like” Arnold “being around” Gatlin’s ex-girlfriend. O’Kelly and Arnold said the other four began making threats and attacked them first.

All six men had minor injuries consistent with fighting, Collum said.

All six were arrested on a charge of affray, and Hurt, O’Kelly, Arnold and Padlo were also charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

They were all transported to the Spalding County Jail.

Collum reported that as he transported O’Kelly and Arnold in his patrol car, both men claimed to be employed by the city of Griffin Electric Department.

“I heard Dylan tell Krischon that he was on call,” Collum stated. “Krischon and Dylan had been making negative comments in reference to the accidents of three officers and made derogatory comments referencing Griffin P.D.”

The six men were processed and released from custody.

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  1. Mike Justice says:

    Why is this a story, a fight in Griffin, big news. Click bait!

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