Sheriff’s Office, GBI excavating wells in search in missing person case

The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office and Georgia Bureau of Investigation are excavating wells on two Buck Creek Road properties in search of evidence in a missing person case. Photo credit: Sheila Mathews/The GRIP


A search of two Spalding County properties is underway as investigators seek to locate evidence in a missing person case.

“The only information I can release right now is we are out here looking for evidence in a missing person case. I can’t give you a time frame or who the person is or anything like that,” he said.

Dix did confirm the investigation involved the excavation of two wells at two adjoining properties, one being 1075 Buck Creek Road, a residence that is currently vacant.

“We are doing excavations,” he said. “We are all working together to do this kind of massive search that we’re having to do that’s really kind of an unusual circumstance – the lengths we’re having to go through. Regardless of who it is, we are trying to give closure to a family.”

When asked if this investigation pertains to a cold case, Dix declined comment.

He was unable to say how long investigators may remain on scene.

“I don’t know how much longer we’re going to be out here. We’ve been out here two days and we are going to stay out here as long as it takes to exhaust everything that we can do to help this family out,” Dix said. “We have search warrants for both properties and we are securing both properties 24 hours a day. Until this is over with, we’ll have people out here.”

While the properties are being guarded 24 hours a day, the search will be limited.

“We are excavating as long as it’s safe with daylight and with lights that we’re bringing in but other than that, we’re not excavating any at night,” Dix said.

Dix also confirmed that over the two days of searching, no evidence has been discovered.

“No evidence has been recovered. Not yet. It’s very difficult excavating a well. It’s not just digging it out and getting stuff out. There’s a lot more involved in it than that. It’s very difficult,” he explained. “One way or another, we’ll bring closure to this family either by finding something or eliminating a location. One way or another, it will help one family move on and that’s what our concentration is right now.”

Authorities received information that led investigators to these locations.

“It is a Spalding County case. You get different tips about different things about missing persons that could have ties to Griffin or other place in the country and based on the voracity of the information, you have to act on it,” Dix said. “There was enough information to obtain search warrants which, you know, presented to a judge, the  judge found probable cause to believe that based on the information, we had the right to come out here and do this.”

The GRIP will publish a second article related to this missing person case search Friday.

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  1. Brian brown says:

    Just curious if there is any new info on the deaths at south Hampton house fire??

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