Three Griffin residents seriously wounded in two separate weekend shootings


Three city of Griffin residents were injured in two separate shootings over the weekend.

The first – a drive-by shooting – occurred at approximately 1:45 a.m. Saturday on Thurman Street.

Griffin Police Department Officer Kody Billings responded to a call regarding a person shot. Upon arrival, Billings was greeted by shouts from Morgan Gaston, who called, “In here! He’s in here!”

Billings entered Gaston’s apartment and located the first victim, Demarrion Shingles, who was sitting in a chair hunched over the dining table.

“I immediately began providing medical aid where I witnessed Shingles to have gun shot wounds scattered throughout his body (approximately 4-5 gun shot wounds, 1 left wrist, 1 right abdominal side, 1 right thigh, 1 right leg) (sic all),” Billings reported.

As other residents began applying pressure to Shingles’ wounds, Billings returned to his patrol car to gather supplies when he heard another witness calling out from across the street.

“He is up here! My boy got shot!” shouted Jakai Wilson.

“Due to Shingles already being assisted by other citizens on scene I quickly advised dispatch of a second victim, and for the next officer on scene to assist with Shingles while I assisted with the second victim,” Billings said.

In a second apartment across the street, Billings located D’aruiun Parker, who was described as, “…laying in the living room floor resting his back against the living room wall covered in his own blood,” with what appeared to be two gunshot wounds – one to the left bicep and a second in the right shin above his ankle.

As medical aid was being rendered, Parker lost consciousness, but continued breathing. After the arrival of emergency medical personnel, Billings resumed his investigation.

“Wilson advised he was inside his apartment (address redacted) when he heard approximately 5-6 gun shots. Wilson stated he went outside his residence to investigate and witnessed Parker attempting to run but contentiously limping in his direction from Thurman St. (sic all),” Billings said. “Wilson advised once realizing it was Parker running towards him he then helped Parker run to his apartment and brought Parker inside his living room.”

Wilson told the police he did not see anything or anyone, he only heard the shots fired as well as Parker running.

Billings then spoke with Gaston, who reported she was outside her apartment when she saw Parker and Shingles walking towards the entrance of Quiet Hills Apartments.

She said Shingles approached her and asked for a cigar, which she gave him.

“Gaston advised as Shingles began walking back towards the entrance of Quiet Hills where Parker was standing that is when a black in color 4 door sedan with silver window trim and dark tinted windows approached,” Billings said, adding that the witness believed the vehicle was a Ford Fusion. “Gaston stated all of a sudden multiple gunshots began coming from within the vehicle. Gaston advised she immediately dove behind her vehicle until the shooters vehicle sped off. Gaston stated once feeling safe she got off the dirt and that is when she discovered Shingles covered in his own blood (sic all).”

A Ford Crown Victoria in the area was found to have been damaged in the drive-by shooting.

Multiple bullet and rifle casings were located scattered across Thurman Street and North Avenue, Billings said.

The second shooting was reported at approximately 8:46 p.m. Sunday, when Billings was again dispatched to a call regarding another person shot.

While en route to 743 E. Central Ave., Billings was advised by dispatch that the victim, Amanda Lawrence, reported she had been shot several times after attempting to jump out of her bedroom window. Lawrence said she could be found inside her residence next to that window.

“Upon arrival I immediately witnessed the bedroom window shattered and heard Lawrence screaming for help. Tactically myself and Ofc. C. Smith GPD approached the front door (sic all),” Billings said.

He reported that he cleared the residence of any threat and proceeded to Lawrence’s bedroom.

“While searching the residence for any threat, pools of blood was witnessed scattered across floors as well as walls of the residence. I also witnessed an obvious struggle had occurred inside the residence for furniture along with personal items were also scattered throughout the entirety of the home,” Billings said.

Lawrence was located on the floor next to her bedroom window, suffering from to two gunshot wounds to her upper thigh and a deep injury to the back of her head.

While awaiting the arrival of emergency medical personnel, Lawrence provided Billings with information about the shooting.

According to Billings, Lawrence said the suspect, 31-year-old Terriez Letiez Stroud arrived at her residence in a silver or gray Nissan Altima.

“Lawrence stated she knew Stroud was mad at her for a prior incident (did not state what for). Lawrence advised once inside the residence Stroud then began shooting at her,” Billings said. “Lawrence stated she did what she could to stay alive and once Stroud fled the scene she called 911.”

“Both are under active investigation,” said GPD Chief Mike Yates.

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