Police Chief: Drive-by suspects may have been “significantly involved” in other violent crimes


The Griffin Police Department has identified five suspects arrested early Thursday morning following what officials have described as a high-speed pursuit that ended in Butts County.

Authorities say the pursuit involved a vehicle suspected of being involved in multiple drive-by shootings, including one in the early morning hours of May 17 that was captured on video by a Ring camera.

The felony traffic stop resulted in the arrests of five suspects:

Tyrone Gregory, age 21, of Flovilla, whom the GPD said has been previously arrested for numerous drug crimes, discharging a firearm from a public roadway and obstruction of a law enforcement officer;

Jeston Morgan, age 26, of Jackson;

Deontrez Lemond Shivers, whom the GPD said has numerous previous misdemeanor charges as well as obstruction of a law enforcement officer;

Christopher Walker, age 26, of Flovilla, whom the GPD said has a number of previous weapons possession and drug charges along with a previous arrest for murder; and

Devin Brown, age 20, of Atlanta, whom the GPD identified as the driver of the vehicle involved in this incident.

According to a press releases issued by the Griffin Police Department, authorities believe the five suspects arrested early Thursday are responsible for “multiple incidents where gunfire has been directed at houses, vehicles, and perhaps individuals. Additionally, we believe they may also be responsible for incidents of this nature in Butts County as well.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the suspects have been charged with aggravated assault, criminal damage to property and 21 counts of discharging a weapon on the property of another.

The driver will face numerous traffic charges, as well.

This investigation is ongoing and additional charges, including Gang Act charges, will be brought, officials say.

Investigators say multiple cases are expected to be cleared by this investigation.

“…forensic evidence supports the firing of a firearm from the rear passenger window of the suspect vehicle as depicted in the video of the drive-by from 220 N. 5th Street and the description of the vehicle matches as well,” the press release stated.

Forensic testing is planned to determine if the weapons were used with any other incidents.

“This case is an example of great police work on the part of Officer Kerlin and other Uniformed Patrol officers of the GPD, CID and the CAGE Unit as well,” the release said. “We will not let up on our efforts to eliminate this type of violence in our city, and we appreciate the assistance of our citizens and law enforcement partners as well, especially DEA and ATF.”

GPD Chief Mike Yates addressed the arrests of the five suspects and future law enforcement actions to address gang related crime.

“While we do not believe that these individuals are solely responsible for our rash of shooting, we do believe that they have been significantly involved. We will continue our efforts as long as needed, and we will not reduce our pressure on those who are involved in Criminal Street Gangs that victimize others in our Home Town,” Yates said.

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  1. Great job catching them. Now prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Can’t they be charged with terroristic attacks?

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