Griffin woman’s quick thinking thwarts violent carjacking attempt


A Griffin woman’s quick thinking thwarted a violent carjacking attempt.

The incident occurred just before 7 a.m. Sept. 7, when the victim, Markita Goodman, arrived for work at Vernay located at 804 Greenbelt Parkway.

Griffin Police Department Officer Michael Betsill responded in non-emergency mode and met with Goodman.

“Upon my arrival I made contact with the victim, Markita Goodman. Goodman stated that she arrived in the parking lot of her work and was about to go inside when a white male not wearing a shirt with his face covered snatched her car door open and attempted to get inside,” Betsill reported.

Goodman said she was able to close her driver’s side door, and then began honking the horn and screaming for help.

After she closed her driver’s side door, the man ran to the other side of her car and attempted to enter through the passenger door, Betsill said.

“Goodman said the male had a long stick or pipe in his hands while he was attempting to get into her car,” Betsill said. “Goodman said that after she locked her doors she began driving to the front of the business screaming for help and the white male ran east toward Greenbelt Pkwy.”

The attempted carjacking was witnessed by another employee in the parking lot.

While Betsill was speaking with Goodman, the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office reported they had apprehended a man with a golf club in front of the business.

The suspect, identified as 22-year-old Coby Turner, was reportedly uncooperative while being detained by SCSO deputies.

“Dep. Lowe located the white male who was later identified as Coby (Turner). Coby was detained while awaiting GPD. GPD advised they had charges,” reported SCSP Deputy J.A. Strock, the first deputy to arrive on scene.
Strock said Turner was noncompliant and repeatedly refused to obey commands. He was ultimately transported to the Spalding County Jail.

“Once at the Detention Center Coby continued to disobey commands given,” Strock said. “During the search of his person a suspected marijuana bud was found in his clothes.”

Turner is facing charges by the Griffin Police Department and the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

Betsill obtained arrest warrants charging Turner with motor vehicle hijacking, aggravated assault and entering automobile.

Strock obtained arrest warrants charging Turner with obstruction of a law enforcement officer and possession of drugs by an inmate.

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