SCSO: One suspect in custody, second being sought in connection with 18 entering auto cases


One suspect is in custody and a second is being sought in connection with numerous Spalding County entering auto cases committed in the early morning hours of Nov. 4.

According to Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix, deputies responded to 18 entering auto cases that occurred in and around the Roberts Street and Everee Inn Road area.

“While the owners of the vehicles were sleeping, the two suspects walked through the neighborhood, pulling on car door handles to see which ones would open. If they found an unlocked vehicle, they would go through it and steal any valuables they could find including cash, electronics, billfolds, and purses. As residents prepared to leave for work or school, they discovered that their vehicles had been entered,” Dix said.

Authorities say deputies, investigators and Crime Scene Investigation units responded to the area and began their investigation that included neighborhood canvassing, speaking to victims and conducting interviews. While canvassing, investigators located residential camera footage and other evidence that enabled them to develop suspects.

Working in partnership with the victims, investigators were able to track where the thieves were allegedly using some of the victim’s financial transaction cards and other types of online credit to make purchases. From those locations, officials obtained information that led to the execution of a search warrant at 711 Anne St. Apartment A, the residence of Deonte Carter.

Officials say investigators located evidence in Carter’s residence that linked both suspects to vehicles that had been entered Nov. 4.
Carter, age 25, was present when the search warrant was executed, and has been arrested and charged with 15 counts of entering auto, 18 counts of criminal trespass, 18 counts of loitering and prowling, five counts of financial transaction card theft and six counts of financial transaction card fraud.

Still being sought for arrest is Jimmie Lee Davis, age 24, who is wanted on charges including 15 counts of entering auto, 18 counts of criminal trespass, 18 counts of loitering and prowling, five counts of financial transaction card theft and six counts of financial transaction card fraud.

“The victims and Investigators were on top of things quickly and began watching card activity. Once the transactions started occurring, we tracked one of them back to a suspect because he used a stolen card to order pizza and have it delivered to his apartment. In a second instance, there is video from a local store where a stolen card was used. Based on what we gathered, we obtained a search warrant, kicked in the door to the apartment, secured it, arrested Carter, and one of the things we found while searching was the pizza receipt,” Dix said. “These guys are both repeat offenders with previous entering auto arrests and convictions. They stole financial transaction cards, bought stuff at places where there is video, and had pizza sent to a home address. You can’t make that kind of stuff up. I guess that’s why they both have previous convictions, and are in line for new ones.”

Anyone who has information related to the case or the whereabouts of Jimmie Lee Davis is asked to call Investigator Ciarra Belcher at 770.467.4282 extension 31442.

The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents to lock their car doors. Purses, guns and other items of value should never be left inside a vehicle overnight. It may be an inconvenience for you to remove valuables and lock your car doors, but it is nothing compared to the inconvenience and problems caused by someone simply pulling a door handle and stealing them from your car. Please take the time to remove your valuables and lock your doors.

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