GBI charges Butts County deputy with stalking and harassing communications in three counties


Butts County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Marlin Moultrie has been arrested and charged with three counts of stalking and three counts of harassing communications, all misdemeanors.

Moultrie, age 55, of Flovilla, was arrested following a GBI investigation that was requested Nov. 4, by Pike County Sheriff Jimmy Thomas. That request was based on allegations that Moultrie was stalking and harassing an ex-girlfriend.

According to GBI investigators, preliminary information indicates Moultrie had been in a relationship with a woman from Pike County. After the relationship ended, Moultrie allegedly began to stalk and harass the woman in three counties – Pike, Spalding  and Upson.

Moultrie has been booked at the jails in all three counties.

This investigation is active and ongoing. Anyone with information related to this case is encouraged to contact the GBI Region 2 Office at 706.565.7888. Anonymous tips can also be submitted by calling 800.597.TIPS (8477), online at or by downloading the See Something, Send Something mobile app.

Officials say once the GBI investigation has been completed, the case file will be given to the Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Butts Count Sheriff Gary Long said when he learned of the GBI investigation, Moultrie was placed on paid administrative leave.
The BCSO has since conducted an administrative Internal Affairs investigation. Although that IA has not been formally completed, Long said he will be administering disciplinary action based on a certain non-criminal aspect of Moultrie’s prior relationship and an on-duty ride-along with the ex-girlfriend who made this criminal complaint.

“He’s (Moultrie) violated policy – conduct unbecoming – he violated it. And then he violated the policy as far as having a ride-along, which you can, he just didn’t do it the proper way. So those are really, ultimately the two policies he violated. There was nothing implemented at all that he did anything other than that ride-along on duty. There was nothing done on our time,” Long said. “So ultimately, he will be taken out of a sworn position and put into a detention officer’s position in the jail. He will not have arrest powers, none of that. He won’t have weapons – anything like that – no take home car. He’ll take a tremendous pay cut, and then he’ll probably have around a five-day suspension.”

Long also said further disciplinary action could result depending on the resolution of the GBI investigation.

“The discipline action will pretty much stay pending the result of the criminal side of things because you really never know,” Long said, later adding, “We just kind of keep that part open until the end and deal with what comes.”

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