Suspect in murder of 11-year-old little girl arrested


Kionta Parks, the suspect wanted for the March 14, murder of 11-year-old Asijah Love Jones, has been arrested by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

Parks was arrested April 12, by Spalding County Sheriff’s Office criminal investigators, Special Operations and STING agents, the Fugitive Apprehension Unit and SWAT Team, working in partnership with Griffin Police Department investigators and Uniform Patrol Division officers.

Also arrested was Natasha Beckham, who has been charged with hindering the apprehension or punishment of a fugitive.

Officials say that at approximately 1 a.m. March 14, a vehicle occupied by an adult man and a three-year-old child was ambushed in Spalding Heights located at 615 Northside Drive.

Multiple shots were fired, but the intended target was not hit, officials say.

One of those shots passed through the bedroom window of a nearby apartment, striking Asijah Jones, who was lying in bed with her sister.

Parks, who authorities describe as a “self-professed, well-known and documented criminal street gang member,” has been charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, cruelty to children, possession of firearm during the commission of a crime, violation of the Georgia Criminal Street Gang Terrorism Act and violation of the Georgia Criminal Street Gang Terrorism statute.

At the time of his arrest, Parks had additional outstanding warrants associated with his alleged involvement in another shooting incident.

“Late yesterday, we received information from Griffin P.D. Investigator Gene Clark that furthered our hunt for Parks, and corroborated information my investigators had gathered since the night of the murder. The information allowed us to zero in on an area Parks may have been in, and we deployed surveillance and arrest teams,” said Sheriff Darrell Dix. “One of the surveillance teams spotted Parks in a vehicle travelling south on North 13th Street, and followed it until it could be stopped. As the vehicle turned into the parking lot of the Liberty Gas Station on West Taylor Street, Parks exited and fled on

foot toward 14th Street. What Parks didn’t know is that he was running into a group of about 30 SCSO Deputies and GPD Officers, SWAT Team members, and 2 K-9’s, with lighting provided by our STAR Air Unit. Once he saw what he was facing, he made the best choice and surrendered. We immediately notified the Jones family of his arrest, and that we were one step closer to getting justice for Asijah.”

Dix explained the basis of the arrest of Natasha Beckham.

“Beckham, who was the driver of the car, admitted that she knew that Parks was wanted for the child’s murder but chose to help him anyway. That’s why she went to jail, and anyone else we can find that helped him, housed him, or hid him will go to jail too,” Dix said. “This was a long day that ended in the best way possible. I can’t say enough about the work and dedication my entire staff of Administrators, Investigators, Agents, and Deputies, have put into this case. They came in early and stayed late after their shifts ended to be there and see this conclusion. Many of those that responded to the scene the night of the murder were parents or grandparents themselves, and they showed that they could do their jobs with empathy, compassion, and professionalism. Last night, Investigator Clark, along with Lt. Chip Johns’ shift from Griffin P.D. stopped everything they were doing and teamed with us to get Parks into custody. Everyone did their best and it came out well.”

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Publisher’s note: This article has been updated to correct the misidentification of the victim. She was previously identified as “Angel” by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office. Her name is Asijah.

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