Death of four-month-old baby under investigation; parents charged with child cruelty


The Spalding County Coroner’s Office and Griffin Police Department are investigating the death of a baby boy.

According to Coroner Michael Pryor, Zychion Montgomery, who was four-months and three weeks old, died early Saturday morning.

“The baby was at a residence on West Quilly Street. The mama found the baby unresponsive. They were bed-sharing along with the baby’s father,” Pryor said. “The mother woke up and found him unresponsive in the bed. They immediately called 911 and everyone responded, but he was already gone.”

GPD Uniform Patrol Officer Willie Deese reported he responded to 111 W. Quilly St. in non-emergency mode in response to a cardiac arrest call. He said that upon arrival, the front door was open, and a woman later identified as Nakia Cloud, Zychion’s mother, was standing in the door, and Zachary Montgomery, Zychion’s father, was standing outside near a vehicle.

When Deese asked where the victim was located, he said Cloud looked at the sofa where he observed Zychion motionless and unresponsive.

“I immediately begin CPR until medical personal arrived and relieved me. CPR continued until 0614 hours before being called by medical personal (sic all),” Deese said.

Zychion Montgomery was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Deese reported that Cloud and Zachary Montgomery said Zychion was up playing until approximately 2 a.m. when he went to sleep, and Cloud said she woke up and checked on him around 6 a.m., but he was cool and unresponsive. Cloud said she went to the living room and called 911.

The cause of Baby Zychion’s death is unknown pending results from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab.

“I did send the baby to the GBI for an autopsy. Right now, it’s still a wait and see on what the medical examiner says,” Pryor said.

Cloud and Zachary Montgomery are currently being held in the Spalding County Jail on charges of cruelty to children.

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