Parents of starved ten-year-old boy charged with abusing his four younger siblings; bond hearing continued until June


Tyler and Krista Schindley, the Griffin parents charged with starving their ten-year-old son, have been charged with four additional counts of cruelty to children involving four more of their children.

Griffin Police Department Investigator Jodi Spears identified both Tyler and Krista Schindley as “primary aggressors” who abused their ten-year-old son by Intentionally withholding food for an extended period of time, causing physical and visible injuries, allowing and knowing of dental injury and disfiguration and not intervening or providing medical treatment and locking the child inside a bedroom, leaving him alone in the residence for extended periods of time and on multiple occasions with no access to lights, food, clothing or adult interaction and assistance.

Tyler and Krista Schindley face four additional counts of third degree cruelty to children for allegedly committing family violence, specifically battery and simple battery, in the presence of the victim’s four younger siblings.

Both Tyler and Krista Schindley were initially identified as flight risks and denied bond.

They were surrounded by Spalding County Sheriff’s Office personnel Tuesday morning as they appeared before Superior Court Judge Ben Coker for a bond hearing.

Neither suspect has obtained legal counsel.

When Coker questioned Tyler Schindley regarding his efforts to acquire legal representation, he said he was working on a power of attorney so he will have access to funds for that purpose.

Krista Schindley told Coker she is doing the same.

Coker continued their bond hearing until June 12.

At the time their ten-year-old son escaped and their home was found walking in his family’s affluent neighborhood, he said he was walking to Kroger for food, and begged authorities not to make him go home to his parents.

He weighed only 36 pounds.

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