>FBC Advent Season Schedule


Hi, Jessica Gregory here. Normally I wouldn’t post first-person blogs here, but I thought just this once (okay, there may be a few more in the future…) I would add a little personal note.

The last issue of THE PAPER (the purple issue) was my first run at publisher. There are a few mistakes, I know. I hope you can cut me some slack as I probably slept 20 hours total last week trying to get that issue out on time for the holidays.

I’m using this blog post as a way to “right” one of those mistakes. I used “rich” black instead of registration black as the background for this First Baptist Church ad, and it totally wiped out the text. So if you were wondering what was going on at First Baptist Church during this season of Advent and Christmastide, here you go!

THE PAPER will resume publishing in mid-January of next year. We’ll still be working and available online, so keep sending story suggestions to jessica.gregory@the-paper.info.

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