>Gardeners stake claim on greenhouse space


Gardeners claim their row crop spot 

Visions of sugar plums, candy canes and other sweets may be on the mind of many during this holiday season, but for those who attended the Christmas Gathering at the newly recommissioned Bluebird Greenhouse yesterday, it was thoughts spring and summer vegetables that were dancing in their heads.

Thirty people attended the Christmas Gathering, several of which signed up for garden space in the community greenhouse, said Patti Robinson, co-founder of Bluebird Market and CSA. Georgia Made Georgia Grown owner Camille Ronay was also attendance. “It was a kind of rush like Nicole Kidman on Far and Away with people claiming the best sun for their growing space,” said Robinson.

“Thank you for a fun Farm to Table day in the Bluebird Greenhouse. [There was] so much excitement and many positive ideas! It was fun to meet local farmers and growers and lay the foundation for a spring of bountiful local harvest,” wrote Robinson on Facebook.

Farmer Bob of James Family Farm
 brought his preserved and canned vegetables.

Mary Pond, who tended the greenhouse for the last six years
with Bluebird CSA co-founder Frank Mason.

 The Griffin Area Resource Center (GARC) recently gifted the greenhouse located on Hamilton Blvd. as part of a grant for Bluebird Market and CSA’s “food to table” and “farm to school” initiatives. The Bluebird programs began with a small “victory” garden in Thomaston, which grew into a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. Bluebird founders Robinson and Frank Mason would travel Georgia, gather the best of the best seasonal produce and pack it into “share boxes” to deliver to drop locations in Thomaston and Griffin.

Bluebird CSA now delivers share boxes all over the state of Georgia, and the demand for fresh foods is still growing. Robinson, Mason and Jan Rogers, community garden advocate, hope the greenhouse will be a win-win situation for those buying vegetables as well as those wanting to grow and sell vegetables. Gardeners and farmers who rent a greenhouse plot will have the option to sell their produce to Bluebird CSA.

For more information, read the Dec. 16 print edition of THE PAPER, or contact Patti Robinson at bluebirdmarket@gmail.com.

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